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Sandwich panel line

Sandwich panel production line

Sandwich panels have a composite structure whose core can be filled up with insulation materials, such as polyurethane foam or rock wool. These panels are widely used in the building industry.
Our equipment is capable of non-stop manufacturing, thus ensuring a constant level of production.

Additionally, First Technology produces panels in all shapes and sizes. Long-term performance is the result of a careful selection of the best materials.

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Sandwich panel line – Plants – Decoilers

The line has 2 or 4 decoilers: this equipment inputs the steel to the upper and lower parts of the sandwich panels.
The decoilers for continuous plants are made with a 4-segment structure, with a motor that can work in tension or in a loop and with a hydraulic loading cradle that does not need floor foundations.

Roll forming machine

Sandwich panel production line – Plants – Roll forming machine

The roll forming machines shape the metal to have the desired panel profile.
There is a cassette changing system to replace the profile in production quickly and easily.
Special solutions with double rotating profiling machines are available if there are no space problem.

Pre-heating oven

Sandwich panel line – Plants – Pre-heating oven

The pre-heating oven heats the upper and lower parts of the panel to obtain the reaction and adhesion of the polyurethane. It is made with IR lamps, with suitable position for an optimal power distribution over the whole width of the sheet.
Pyrometers control the temperature on multiple zones, optimizing the power output on the lamps depending on the temperature distribution.
Oven supervision allows the use of production recipes, storing the power distribution according to the profile/material/thickness in production.

PU Mixing and metering unit

Sandwich panel production line – Plants – PU Mixing and metering unit

Unità di controllo di alta precisione per il dosaggio e la distribuzione delle materie prime.
The dosing machines are made according to the specific application requested by the customer.
High pressure dosing systems of additives and catalysts, pentane and nitrogen gas are available.
In the last few years, particular commitment has been devoted to polyol, isocyanate and pentane storage facilities.
The peculiarity of the systems supplied is their interface with advanced management systems that allow the monitoring of material consumption and consequently production costs.
There can be also distribution systems of mono and bi-component “primer” for PIR foams by means of a rotary disk.

Double belt

Sandwich panel line – Plants – Double belt

The double belt, or ‘’ continuous press ’’, is the heart of the continuous plant.
It joins the upper and the lower panel face applying constant pressure and temperature.
It is made with stainless steel plates with extreme precision and surface accuracy.
The lifting system has mechanical jacks and electric motors, with a consequent adjustment made directly by the supervision.
Currently the most widespread heating system is a hybrid gas and electric heating system that allows the combination of rapidity in the heating phase and excellent consumption during production.
Particular attention is paid to the lateral containment system, realized with a catenary specifically designed for high thicknesses, limiting the joint deformations caused by movements of the pads/countersahpes.

Flying cut to length

Sandwich panel production line – Plants – Flying cut to length

Automatic band saw unit for the flying cut of panels.
It can be totally interfaced with your ERP/SAP system.
The most commonly saw unit used in continuous plants is the flying cut to length. It has been equipped with a cleaning system by mechanical brushing in order to remove the iron shavings.
The saw is also equipped with a pneumatic deburring system.
Concerning the automation, the cut list can be derived directly from the management system, to which all information about the panels (first choice / second choice / waste) can be sent so that production can be monitored in real time.
A taping machine (blue tape) is available, too. It is connected to the saw to remove the overlapping on roof panels.

Brushing unit

Sandwich panel line – Plants – Brushing unit

Today, the market is requiring a continuous increase of the panels quality. To reach this target, FIRST has developed a special equipment to remove the dust and the swarfs produced during the cutting phase.
In particular, a cutting surface brushing system has been developed. This flying removal operation is performed while the panels are transferred from the cutter to the next stacking unit.

Cooling and handling

Sandwich panel production line – Plants – Cooling and handling

This equipment allows the cooling and stacking of the panels.
It is created by a horizontal container with the possibility of storing the data in vertical position on special tuning forks.
Out of the cooler, the panels are subsequently stacked with a suction cup system (pick & place).

Wrapping machine

Sandwich panel line – Plants – Wrapping machine

Horizontal wrapping machine to pack the panel bundles.
The packaging occurs thanks to rotary machines with extendable film.
Particular attention was paid to optimizing the film consumption, controlling the pre-tensioning of the film automatically.
Accessory systems are currently available to prepare EPS protection sheets under the package.

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